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Real estate is one of the largest fixed cost for any business. If you are looking to lease or buy a commercial property, here are 20 factors you MUST consider before you do.

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Commercial Site Evaluation Services

Commercial Site Evaluation Services

You deserve to have as much information as possible before you purchase, sell, or lease your commercial property in Southern California. As a San Diego-based contractor, APSGC can use its years of cummulative commercial property construction experience and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive site evaluation and give you the tools you need to negotiate a lease or sale, along with complete confidence in your commercial space selection.

Site Evaluation pricing is property-specific and starts at $600. Use our Commercial Site Evaluation Estimate Tool for a quote today!

For a snapshot of what falls under our comprehensive site anaylsis, request our Free 20 Pt. Checklist for commercial property evaluation. You can utilize this checklist to perform an independent evaluation, or, to get the most value from the checklist and your property, contact us for a throurough and professional site analysis. Don’t risk unexpected costs and a bad deal when you can call APSGC and get it right the first time.


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